Friday, July 16, 2010

Yahoo Blog - Good or Not?

Yahoo Blog gives you a channel to show your interests and sharing the experiences. A few families because of the Yahoo Blog, they know each others and organize some meetings together regularly. Not only they become a good friend, but also they exchange their skills and experiences of teaching children and build up a relationship with each other.

Based on every user can give comments to others, some users will post some advertisements on the popular blogs to attract people get attention on them. Moreover, some users will give comments to distrub others. It is difficult to manage and prevent from them. Therefore, many users choose to ignore these comments on their blog.

Yahoo! - Yahoo Blog

Yahoo Blog is one popular social networking service in Hong Kong. You can create your own blog in Yahoo Blog, then you can share your feelings and record your daily experiences on the Internet.

Yahoo provides a ranking of the blog everyday and the accumulate ranking. It shows the first one hundred popular blogs. This function attract more people to get attention on Yahoo Blog and interact with them to be a user.

Some artists or DJs in Hong Kong such as Teresa Fu or Jim Yan also like to use Yahoo Blog to share the feelings with their fans. The fans can know more their news and have a closely interaction with their idol.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Facebook - Good or Not?

Facebook provides a platform allowing people to share everything such as words, photos, musics, movies and external links in a direct and easy way. Your friends can know your current activities, your feelings and your news in anytime when you updated. One powerful of Facebook, you can make friends all over the world. You can use the search engine through your e-mail to search some people you may know and get the relationship more closely.

Based on people can easy to make friends and get others' information, one problem - privacy should be considered. However, Facebook has improved this problem currently! The user can choose the authority (everyone, only friends or friends of friends) to share their information, contents and photos to others. It is protect the privacy and enhance the users' confidence with Facebook.

Famous ? Facebook !

Do you have an account on Facebook? Nowadays, Facebook is one popular of social networking services in the world. People can link with their friends, make new friends with everyone and join some interest groups on Facebook. Not only connecting with each others, but also you can play some games and to link with other external web pages.

Many companies also use Facebook to create a group to attract new consumers and maintain the relationship with current customers. Then people can join the group and to be their fans if they like.

Take Starbucks as an example, she has a group on Facebook and provide updated news regularly. Their fans can know their news, promotions or events on Facebook. Recently, Starbucks launched an competition - Coffee Jelly Photo Hunt Competition to promote the new product and interact with each others to build up a good brand image with the customers.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

About Social Networking Services

In the past, people use phone, mail or face to face to connect with each other and keep their relationship. But now, Social Networking Services (SNS) can help us to build up a good relationship, find new friends or share our interests in anytime, anywhere in the worldwide.

Social Networking Services refer to a web-based services that has created new paths to communicate and share information. Let's take an example, People can create a personal blog to post some contents what they like, share some feelings or interests on there or give some comments to others. SNS included multiple channels and platforms allowing people to link with each others. Such as:

1) Facebook
2) MySpace
3) Twitter

Let try to use the SNS to sharing, connecting and communicating with each other now!